This Pandora ring duo is going viral on TikTok thanks to Taylor Swift fans

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Viral Pandora ring has Taylor Swift fans obsessedPandora

Following Taylor Swift’s announcement her Eras Tour is finally coming to the UK (dates span from 7 June 2024 to 22 June 2024, mark your calendars now), consider us officially in our Eras era. I mean, we’ve been living vicariously through all the footage US Swifties have been sharing on social media, so I guess we’ve technically been in our Eras era just as long as Taylor has. But with UK tour dates confirmed, our excitement has reached the next level. Though sorry, if that was the queue just to register, what is it going to be like *actually* trying to get tickets? Pray for us…

While we eagerly count down the days, it’s never too early to start sorting out our Eras lewk – we had our cowboy boots ready to go months before we were due to see Beyoncé on her Renaissance tour. And Taylor fans on TikTok are already obsessed with one key item.

After spotting the Pandora Celestial Sparkling Sun and Blue Sparkling Moon Ring Duo online, dedicated Swifties have been linking the design to her Midnight Rain lyrics, “he was sunshine, I was midnight rain”. With some videos amassing over 4.2 million views, fans wanting to pay homage to the singer have caused the sun ring to sell out, with limited stock remaining of the moon style.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. As searches for the term ‘sun and moon rings’ have increased by 18.200% on the Pandora UK website in the past few weeks, the jewelery brand has announced they expect both rings to be fully back in stock by the first week of August.

Yep, Swifties are well and truly obsessed and have taken to the TikTok comments to tag their friends and partners and assign each other ‘sunshine’ and ‘midnight rain’. One follower even wrote, “The way I would keep one and give him the other to wear his necklace of me 🥹🥹”.

If you simply can’t wait to get in on the look, we’ve rounded up Pandora’s other pieces that feature sun, moon, and celestial motifs. Shop them now:

Now Alexa, play ‘Midnight Rain’.

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