Buy And Sell Gold, Silver, and Other Valuables At Jewelry

Denver, May 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado –

Denver, CO based David Ellis Jewelry is inviting the community to take a look at the store’s expansive collection. A variety of items are available that can meet equally diverse tastes, and the store is always more than happy to help customers find a piece of jewelry that speaks to them. in contrast, the store also does a good amount of business with those who wish to sell off gold, silver, diamonds – and other items of value.

David Ellis Jewelry buys and sells virtually everything of value that could be thought of, from gold, silver, gold coins, silver coins, and even Rolex watches. Many search online for terms such as Sell Gold Denver, and find David Ellis Jewelry. Since it is common for people to come across or inherit items of unknown value, the store makes it a point to welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about the objects in their possession. Jewelry and gold evaluations are provided here completely free of charge, and the store may even go so far as to make a great offer if an item catches their attention. As such, customers have nothing to lose by visiting David Ellis Jewelry to talk with a member of their team.

David Ellis Jewelry specializes in buying and selling gold, Rolex Watches, custom jewelry and more

Many customers who take the time to stop by the store in person will deal with the owner, David Ellis, directly. The team takes their cue from him, taking every measure possible to educate customers about the items they bring in as well as provide a competitive quote. Customers who do choose to make a sale are able to receive cash upfront upon conclusion of the transaction, and the store has several payment methods available for those who wish to make a purchase instead.

Currently, David Ellis Jewelry is on the hunt for items made from gold or platinum (in addition to other valuable materials). The store encourages everyone in the community to check their belongings if they are short on cash and need to figure out a quick solution — David Ellis Jewelry is willing to purchase US coins and bullion, diamonds, precious metals (including gold, silver and platinum) and more. It also accepts other items, such as Rolex watches. Simply put, anyone who believes they have one of these items of value they are willing to part with for instant cash is welcome to visit David Ellis Jewelry today to have it evaluated. If they find the store’s offer to be satisfactory, they can leave with the cash in hand at once.

Customers often praise the store for the assistance it offers. Lauren B. says, “I had a great shopping experience here. I needed a gold chain of a length that isn’t very common or available (14″). I was worried that this shop would be super expensive because they’re independently owned (and located in Cherry Creek), but that wasn’t the case at all.Not only did these guys give me a great price for the chain, but they also shortened it to the length I needed while I waited and didn’t charge me extra for it.They were very friendly, helpful and accommodating . I highly recommend this place and will definitely be going back for any future jewelry purchases.”

An excerpt from a review by Ashley E. similarly says, “Absolutely loved my experience and will never go anywhere else.” The review continues, “David is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I waited for my ring to get sized and he watched interact with several customers and was very impressed. Miguel is the one that sized my ring, and he did such an amazing job, I love it! The owner is kind and welcoming and treats me with great respect. He made me feel like I was very important. I 10/10 recommend David Ellis!”

Many people unknowingly have treasures in their keeping that have no more use to them and their family, sentimental or otherwise. A quick look — and a trip down to the family owned-and-operated David Ellis Jewelry — can reveal an opportunity to trade in such items for cash. The most obvious items are made of gold, but the store looks forward to seeing what else the community can bring in. Learn more here: David Ellis Jewelry.


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