3, Feb 2023
Bandai Namco announced Elden Ring anniversary event, but I’d put those piping hot DLC expectations on ice, champ

Bandai Namco Nordics, the regional Scandinavian division of Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco, recently announced (opens in new tab) a party and accompanying livestream in Stockholm on February 25 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our 2022 Game of the Year (opens in new tab). The announcement already has fans in a following, with numerous comments and quote tweets speculating about DLC, and a post about the party on the game’s subreddit titled “Possible DLC news? (opens in new tab)” attracting more than 4,500 upvotes and over 500 comments.

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As much as I’d like it to be the case though, I don’t think this is The Big One. The event’s card describes it as a “community celebration,” and promises a live show, giveaways, contests, exclusive prizes, a pub quiz, drinks, cosplay, and some sort of Elden Ring PvP connection (the post just says “PvP,” but I think some manner of real life bloodsport doesn’t quite fit the mood here).

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